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Mondo’s Cycle Repairs is a mobile bicycle repair service based in Willington, Derbyshire. Mondo has been the nickname of our mechanic and main man, Ray Yeomans, throughout his 30+years within the cyling industry. Ray has worked in a handful of well known Derbyshire based bicycle shops including Mercian Cyles and Sheffield Cycles.

Within these 30 years, Ray has come across all kinds of bicycles from vintage 1930’s classics and modern day aero road bikes, to your everyday city bikes and mountain bikes.

The idea for a mobile cycle repairs service came via the necessity to fix family and friends bikes at their houses, thus removing the awkwardness of packing a bicycle into a car and waiting over a week due to long lead times.

Mondo’s strive to make repairs and services easily accessable to all, with many bicycles being some peoples only form of transport. Doing the job on your door step removes long wait times and can be a real life saver when your bike is being used everyday!

His son, Anthony, helped Ray kickstart Mondo’s by grabbing the ranes and teaching himself about website development and devopting his spare time to social media management. Since then he is now a full time digital marketer for a local engineering company, where his skills and knowledge have developed further to be able to build Mondo’s this nice shiny new site!