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We Restore Vintage Classics!

From 1930’s all the way to the 90’s. From rod-brakes to top-tube gearing.

Price determined upon inspection and agreement

We have teamed up with our friends at Maverick Coatings for those restorations in need of some new paint and colour

Restoration Services

We have the knowledge and skills required to repair and service Rod Brakes on your classic machine!
Our mechanic has a world of knowledge and skills including that of 40's three speed hubs and top tube gearing.
Are you finally getting out your classic pride and joy, or even your dad's old racer and want it looking factory fresh? We can give it an overhall no problem!
If your bike is in need of new paint and stickering, our friends over at Maverick Coatings will paint your bicycle whilst we find or even make your new stickers.
Retro bike restoration in debry

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