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Bicycle Repair and Services

Derbyshire Mobile Bicycle Repair

We cater for all bicycle types including; Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes, BMXs, Road Bikes, E-Bikes, Gravel Bikes, and Tandems.

bicycle repairs and services

Bicycle Service Levels

The Mondo's Speedy Service is a simple quick once over and inspection, with a setup up of wheels, gears and brakes, all carried out at the comfort of your own home. Should anything seem broken or concerning, our mechanic will advise further from this service level.
A part service will include; a degrease and regrease of the drivetrain, clean, wheel truing, bearing regreasing, and a general setup. This level of service is perfect for a bike you look after but haven't used that often, it may just need the cobwebs knocking off! **Will required taking your bicycle away to complete - Pickup and Dropped Off as part of our service!
A full service will include; a total strip-down of your bike, degreasing, clean, new inner cables, wheel truing, bearing regreasing, and more depending on the health of your bicycle. Having a full service is the perfect solution should you use your bike everyday, throughout harsh conditions such as rain and snow. **Bike picked up, taken away for completion, and returned to you as part of the Mondo's service!

Brake Setups

Stopping your bike is a major part of your safety and must remain in working order. Sometimes this is due to how your brake pads wear and simply require a quick setup to ensure they are being used to their full potential, however, should our mechanic feel they are in need of new pads, these will be at an extra cost to the service!
The entry level of disc brakes are cable-pull operated, this means your brake cable(similar to that of a rim brake cable) need adjusting to ensure your pads properly pinch your discs. Any new pads will be an extra cost.
Hydrualic brakes may be better all round compared to rim brakes, with a greater stopping power in the wet, but they do require more attention should they lack effectiveness or feel "spungey". A setup will include the bleeding or the hydrualic fluid, ensuring it has enough fluid and that there are no air bubbles within the lines. New pads will be at an extra cost. **Bicycle will be taken away to carry out due to it's sometimes messy nature.
Bicycle repairs and setups
new bike build

Gears and Bike Setups

As parts wear down or get replaced, your gears my become difficult to change up and down. A gear indexing therefor is the solution. Our mechanic has 30+ years experience ensuring bicycle gears are correctly setup and will get yours working smoothly in no time.
The Shimano and Sram electronic gears require software connections for updates and setups. Lucky for you, our mechanic has everything required and can carry this out at the comfort of your home.
Buying a new bike online? Our mechanic can build your new bike, which requires a part setup and safety check, all at the comfort of your home!

General Bicycle Repairs

If you feel there is an issue with your bicycle, but are unsure as to what is causing this, our mechanic is on hand to check over your bike and diagnose any problems you may have with your bike. If you wish then to proceed with repairs or setups to solve any issues, please discuss this further upon the diagnostic findings from our mechanic.
Does your bike or your kids bike have a flat tyre? We can come to your house and replace the inner tube.
Should you brake any spokes, have an accident, or have an old bike meaning your wheels don't spin circular, our mechanic will repair your wheel and tru them up to work just like new! New spokes are at an extra cost to the service.
Should your bike make any unusual noises or have the feeling of friction upon moving, this could be down to your bearing or your bottom bracket needing replacing.
At anytime, a piece of your groupset could weardown or break. This could be; the chain, chain rings, cassette, front or rear derailleur, or your shifters. Our mechanic can diagnose the route of any problems relating to any of these parts and agree with you a replacement or repair depending on the severity of the issue.
kids bike repairs
bosch ebike bicycle repairs and services

Bosch E-bike Services (2021 and older) - Services done at your house / WiFi access may be required

Being certified to work on Bosch E-bikes (pre 2021 we can plug yours into our computer to check through for any faults and updates.
We can plug your Bosch E-bike into our computer to search for faults and updates in the software, whilst also ensuring your bike is perfectly working mechanically
With Bosch E-bikes finding the routes of your issues can be as simple as plugging into the Bosch E-bike service software or repairing the mechanical components of the bike.

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